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About Us

The Blue Orchard Bee is the location of CMI’s online support for those living out our vocation with neuroatypical children.  The Pollinator is where our online community can interact with and grow new ideas together.  We are excited to share this journey with you, as we learn how to relate to our Blue Orchard bees.

Membership Requirements

By requesting membership to the Pollinator, you agree that you:

  • are a caregiver of a neuroatypical child with or without a formal diagnosis.
  • will respect the privacy of other members by not sharing their names or experiences with people outside the group.
  • understand that this community cannot provide a diagnosis and will seek qualified medical support as appropriate.
  • understand that we are all here as thoughtful learners.  This means that you will listen to others with the intent to understand.  You will check your posture, so as to avoid a defensive stance or a flippant tone.  You will share your own perspective based on your knowledge and experience, respecting that others will have different perspectives based on theirs.
  • will respect the entire Mason community.  This means that you will not name other practitioners, organizations, or curricula, but will focus on ideas.  For example, “Curriculum XYZ is not good for my autistic child – what is the best curriculum for autistic children?” could be more thoughtfully worded, “My current curriculum does not support my child’s challenges with writing and composition.  It is both an issue of the physical act of writing and the organization of thoughts.  What strategies have you used or found to support a child with these challenges?”